caravan repairs – geelong

Caravan Insurance Repairs – Geelong

New Age Caravans Geelong is a service that is offered by New Age Caravans Melbourne, we will  arrange transportation of your damaged caravan to and from your location.(conditions apply) and complete the repairs back to original condition.

We have access to all major brands for parts such as Thetford, Dometic, Camec, Coast RV, Hume Accessories and Ranger RV.

We offer the following service’s

Caravan accident repairs
Caravan scratch repairs
Caravan water damage
Annexes repairs
Awning repairs
Stolen and recovered caravan repairs
Caravan hail damage
Appliance repairs

Contact or service department to arrange a free quote.


Did you know that New Age Caravans Melbourne provide a warranty for the accident repairs.


We can also arrange collection and delivery of you insurance caravan as part of our service.