caravan ozone protection

Complete Caravan Protection

Your caravan is an important investment. To enhance the appearance and performance of your caravan we have sourced a range of quality products specifically suited to mobile homes.

All of our treatments are designed to complement each other. That’s why to achieve maximum protection we’ve created a Complete Protection Program.

Fabric Protection

Treat & protect your carpets & fabric from Staining

  • Ideal for families and pets
  • Non-toxic and odourless
  • Repels liquid, dirt, food and perspiration
  • Protects against grease and grime

Premium Paint Protection

  • Providing effective, long lasting protection from UV rays guaranteeing against Fading, Loss of gloss & Oxidisation
  • Eliminate timely waxing & polishing
  • Slows the process of acid eating into the paint work

Leather/Vinyl Protection

  • Water Repellent and anti-Static
  • Low Sheen, non greasy and non-stick
  • Conditions to prevent hardening & cracking
  • U.V Protection against fading and discolouration

To learn more about Ozone Paint Protection for your New Age Caravan